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Physical Character
5'5 : 110lbs 19 Yrs Old
Skye Wears the same Cyan jacket everyday (a gift from a childhood friend). Despite this oddity,Skye does change the rest of his clothes daily, often favoring collared shirts and a tie to try to appear more mature than his looks. Skye always carries a brush in his back pocket as he feels the need to self-groom regardless of the severity of the situation. 2 ears and a tail trademarking him a faunus. The ears for appearance, whereas the tail does help with balance. A pair of inconsistent eyes who's shade of blue-green change depending on the situation, Teal being the default, with a darker blue showing either a moment of intellect or embarrassment and lighter shades indicating joviality and carelessness.

2 Faunus Parents- Father: ex-militia. Mother: Long hours spent among the local council.
Education foregone to help with family business (Book Shop)
Knowledge gained from reading books stole away at night
Denied White Fang Membership: lacked backing in social situations and was often ridiculed for speaking out
Trained with local Faunus militia
A raid on a rival Faunus group gone wrong resulted in the loss of his closest friend

At first glance, one would write Skye off as a small, timid Faunus that won't amount to anything, the addition of his background further adds to the theory. To counter this Skye tries to be the life of the party (failing miserably) and is also the WORST smooth-talker on the planet, better luck having a rock hit you, at least it will leave a mark. Trustworthy and Honour-Bound, he always keeps a promise. A friend you can rely on, willingly puts themselves in harm's way to protect another. He is Extremely Agile as would be expected of a smaller breed of faunus, however, does not follow the saying 'cats always land on their feet.' Excels at on the fly decision-making so long as it doesn't involve a dice roll. Has a tendency to withdraw into himself when topics about his past are mentioned. Touching his ears or tail warrants a counterattack.

Iris and Lo
2x Sai, ability to be infused with dust via insertions at the handle. Iris: Name of childhood friend (Hope). Lo (Despair). Skye uses the 2 Sai in close-quarters fighting most often to limit the need for Dust, Sai being unique in offering the ability to pierce as well as block incoming attacks. Each type of dust having a special effect. Fire: The Sai alight to a white-hot temperature capable of melting metal. Ice: The Sai can freeze objects upon touch, small AOE effect of up to a foot, but good for stopping a limb Wink. Earth: The Sai turn to stone, creating a blunt trauma as opposed to traditional piercing. Wind: The Sai can apply a maelstrom effect in small areas to stagger opponents. Electricity: A shocking effect so to speak. Water: A jet of water shot from the Sai, not a river but would be a painful poke to the eye.

"Mirror's Edge" Upon activation Skye Gains a short-range 'blink'. Upon end of blink, there is a slight 'hang' as apparent in slo-mo dramatic scenes of an anime, however time is still moving at normal speed. (Use for positioning) In terms of combat, can use blink to catch a beefier opponent in an otherwise unprotected area with a slash attack. *This attack reverberates back unto Skye which can result in broken bones if poorly executed. Movements conducted in straight lines. Uses the semblance in varying situations to gain an upper hand in a fight where otherwise the opponent would be of equal/better skill. Also noted that his attack with Iris and Lo change from piercing to slashes as the sheer speed at which Skye moves enables even the dull-edged Sai to cut opponents.

Thanks to the sheer amount of books read growing up Skye is well-versed in multiple cultural norms, traditions, as well as (thanks to his mother) politics. Always up to date on fashion. Great taste in music.
Not good with Time management/ Oversleeps. Terrible at any 'luck of the draw' game. Will defend others past the point of what is necessary often overstepping boundaries he doesn't realize exist. Lacking social etiquette, has been caught more than once showing disregard for privacy, mannerisms, and social conduct. Cares about their hair WAY too much.
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