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 Tepes Dracon

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Tepes Dracon DcmhDtZ

Character Name: Tepes Dracon
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 6' (182.2 cm)
Weight: 182 lbs (82.5 kg)
Eye Color: Aquamarine/Red
Faunus Trait: ??? - Greater Stamina

Biographical Information

Physical Description:

Tepes has very long pinkish-red hair that extends down to her buttocks and has a serious case of bangs that end just before they would interfere with her vision.  There is some argument on what her actual hair color seems to be, because it seems to vary at what angle you stare at it and what time of the day it is.  Sometimes it's more red than pink, others its more pink than red.  Her eyes contrast to her hair being aquamarine, like her hair being unable to decide if they are more blue or more green.  But the most striking feature anyone will notice at first, would be the deep red horns growing from her head.  Though you might think they are a hair accessory at first, they are actually real and need to be trimmed down every so often.  Though some might think she is a Faunus, neither of her parents were such.

She maintain a slim/athletic figure and is the tallest female in her class even more so if you count her horns.  She tends to accentuate her eyes with red wings and is as far as she goes when it comes to that end of her spectrum.  She is very quick and nimble on her feet and so far boasts no significant scars to mention thanks to her aura.  When feeling an emotion very strongly, her eyes change color to a vivid glowing red.


Tepes Dracon 9Ild5YP

Not much is known about Tepes's past, with the war against the Black Dread, allot of information and files where lost when the CCTS towers were taken down and widespread destruction happened.  It wasn't unusual that she lost both her parents during the war, making her an orphan to be raised by Vale Academy.  The only thing she remember from that time before was their names and that neither of them were Faunus, leading her to this day to still believe that she isn't one.

In school, Tepes gained an unsavory reputation amongst hear peers as someone who lacked teamwork and was usually unconcerned about the safety of others. During sparring matches she was unnecessarily ruthless, not cruel, but she never held anything back. What friends she could have had she quickly alienated until she was alone. Slowly but surely, she eventually isolated herself from everyone else. More people died on mission with her than anyone else in the academy. Though no one could prove it was her fault, it started to feel like less of a coincidence and more of a pattern. Eventually, even her entire team was killed off one by one in different missions until she was placed on a new one to replace someone else who had fallen.

WIP _sadface_


Tepes's personality is described as dangerous yet alluring.  She considers herself an elite hunter based on her so far survivability and her rank among hunters reflects and reinforces this belief.  In sparring and test matches, she remains undefeated. Though she seems to be better at personal combat against other hunters than she does against a variety of Grimm.  She has a bad reputation among her peers given the mysterious happenings to those who have fallen while on missions with her.

She has a sense of humor tempered by some empathy.  Making light of tense situations with jokes or antagonizing her superiors while still complying with orders - usually.  She is lacking in decorum and etiquette.  Where most people would be embarrassed if someone caught them naked and would cover up.  Tepes would just continue on with a casual conversation as though it was normal.  Her most off putting habit is to bite or lick people, to their great dismay.  This often leads to a comment on their "taste".    

Conflict is where she thrives, often seen with a serious mindset and being easily bored when not in the thick of it.  During meetings, debriefings, or even school, she shows a general disinterest in everything, finding most things boring.  

Her favorite food are sweet foods.  often seen eating some form of candy or mini marshmallows.  If it sounds reasonable to her, she probably would also drench most things in honey, believing it to be the best condiment, if that's what it is.  

Despite her overall personality, appearance, and popular opinion, Tepes has a great sense of duty, virtue and  self-restraint.  She would be willing to sacrifice herself if it meant saving the many.  Even after being insulted and even slapped, she would not fight back but try to diffuse the situation knowing what the alternative could mean for the individual who started it.

She is very self conscious about the horns on her head and thus keeps them filed down and is usually seen wearing a metal headband attached to them to give them an appearance that they aren't natural and are just a decoration.  She is in a firm belief that she isn't a Faunus.  

Hunters Arm

Melee Form:

From Vlad, With Love: Is a small arsenal of some of the most simplistic weapons a hunter can use by today's standards.  Her main weapon which she is sometimes seen carrying in a pair is a short sword with a longer than typical tip.  The handle is three fourths the length of the blade itself and can extend out to nearly 6 feet in length, making the sword into a spear.  What it lacks in complexity it makes up for in durability and reliability.

Projectile Form:

Just The Tip: To make up for her lack of ranged capability, Tepes carry's varying amounts of nearly foot long metal spikes that telescope out into javelins


Life Force Siphoning: Most wouldn't even know what Tepes's Semblance is as it's not something she has control over nor something she would showboat if she did.  She is constantly draining the vitality/Life force of living beings around her.  Those with awakened aura generally don't feel the effects as the their aura is usually drained instead, typically at a rate slower than one would replenish it.  However, during combat and heightened levels of emotion, the draining effect multiplied.  This is usually signaled by her eyes changing color.  The energy stolen is stored and used to give her increased strength, speed and reflexes.  


Ascent - What Tepes lacks in technology she more than makes up for with sheer physical ability and skill.  Having a mixed style of Bojutsu/Wushu that focuses on uses the shaft of her spear and the bladed end for hitting vital points for closer range combat.  Or using her spears grater capable length and thrusting capability for those fights where she would need the range.  Combine that with her great physical capabilities boosted by her semblance and she can be a power house.  She is well known for her great jumping height/distance to close in ranged opponents.      

Downfall - She has a bad reputation among hunters and is known as the 'partner killer' for both her skill on taking on other hunters and because of the rumor that those who partner up with her on missions will die by their second mission with her.

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Tepes Dracon
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