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 James Cine

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James Cine Xc0PH9h

Character Name: James Cine
Age: 59
Sex: Male
Height: 7'4" (223 cm)
Weight: 485 Lb (220 Kg)
Eye Color: Silvered Brown

Biographical Information

Physical Description: "Physical description? 'James.'" No other definitions necessary. Mistaken as a Faunus of some nondescript kind; James is a massive man towering over any known person, though sparse humanity now is, he stands two feet over the average of height and dwarfs others with a frame to match. It was known he would be large before his birth, his mother having sported a belly believed for twins, he was the size of a full grown man before pubescence. Grown to adulthood he weighs the sum of three men with ease.

A stout frame of muscles over his unhuman structure he is only ever seen in clothes of two natures; durable, namely boots made from materials more appropriate for tire treads or, replaceable-namely loose fit ripstop pants, cotton t shirts or tank tops that only stay tattered long enough for their replacements. Scars can be seen riddling the visible layer of his skin, some finding their beginnings or ends so precise in their lengths that it would not be entirely difficult for other hunters to guess what series of Grimm likely made said marks. Darker sun baked skin is contrasted by the nearly entirely silver hair and accompanying beard, formerly brown hues of either once played a part in his former title as "The Atlas Bear" though more recent ones closer resemble that of a beast well past its prime and tiredly hibernating.

History: Bullied by the only means possible for a boy his size, James was mocked as a beast. Several children having voiced "The nurse must have gotten your mothers child mixed up with a Faunus one." To further imply any possibility of his humanity. It must have been a wonder to the parents who scolded their children for picking on him (more out of fear than any true intention of mature child rearing) when James accepted the sum of all insults directed towards him; Weather a defensive mechanism of a tormented child or a creature so dull as to lack the awareness of the other children's intended abuses, James would laugh, not just laugh but bellow. Deep lungfuls of laughter would emanate from the massive boy and despite all odds its sound was infectious, it quickly became an impossible task for a child to try any joke at his expense, by twelve years of age he had heard all or made similar jokes over himself. As good a sport of it, it wasn't long until like jokes were his own reply or similar but complimentary jokes about his "small" classmates.

James grew and with him the once mocked title of "Bear" grew as an endearment from all of his friends, family and soon enough the Atlas military. Long before he even imagined attending the academy, James had already been marked for his impressive stature. Scouted for his potential, barely in his teens he was already a good couple inches taller than the well dressed military scout. It wasn't a surprise when his aura was tested, as impressive as his height, his induction to become a hunter was practically expected.

A new array of people, all the same disgusted expressions he noted as a child, useless complexion when met by the broadly smiling mountain himself, history repeated, he won over several of the other students of the Academy with an energy and optimism that was as unstoppable as himself, his presence was addicting and magnetic. It wasn't long into his learnings at the academy that the discovery of his semblance occurred. Nothing so complex or as impressive



Bears Pelt: James Semblance, as all semblances do, originates from his aura. However James semblance is simplicity incarnate. His semblance is that his aura is relatively malleable and within his control and able to be projected in more controlled forms then most hunters. Able to project his forward further from his skin he is able to form a sphere with it around himself (and any he intends to protect within it) protecting any within from direct impact. He is able to continue to project his aura further until it is no longer self containing until it forms a forward surface equivalent to a shield from the front of his hand. It is worth mentioning that in this state he no longer benefits from the effects of a shield, including no longer passivly healing at the rates hunters normally do and is no longer protected from impacts as auras normally defend.

James is able to continue to project his aura forward where it again begins to form a cone forward and then eventually back into a forward facing sphere this time. All auras are able to passivly heal their respective hunters, however James; Possessing a powerful and potent aura is able to focus it to a narrow degree and is able to positively effect other hunters (and soul containing creatures) to rapidly increase the heal rate of anyone within his semblances area.

(Note: James is able to control what can pass through this projected aura, allowing him to stop and allow in and outgoing objects, energies etc ergo; people, powers, shots and even grimm)


Modular Ballistics Shield: Two piece modular ballistics shield, each piece latches onto James back, wielded on each arm roughly acting as weaponized gauntlets in this form with three pressurized impact spikes at their ends. However their primary function is when the two are combined together from heavy latches on mirrored sides from each other. From this state the two separate shields form together into a much broader pavise shield.

In a pavise shield form the (now six lined) impact spikes when fired off allow the shield to latch onto a selected surface to allow the shield to stand on its own as an entirely free standing pavise shield though in reality it being sized to James makes it substantially larger than ancient pavise shields. From this support position the shield is meant to protect its user and guarded parties from its forward facing.

Modular kite shield, from this deployed position the upper center portion can be removed in roughly the size and shape of a kite shield with its bottom edges (where it previously connected to the rest of the shield) are sharp. However the primary purpose during the kite shields removal is to allow its now missing portion (a murder hole) to allowed parties behind its protection to fire through the opening onto forward targets.
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James Cine
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