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 Indigo Vulpine

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Indigo Vulpine A>

Name: Indigo Vulpine
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 117 lbs
Eye Color: Golden Yellow
Hair/Fur Color: Indigo
Faunus Trait: Night Vision, Tail acts as 5th limb, no grasping ability, can hang from

Description: Indigo is relatively average sized, with slightly larger hips. She is athletic, but not muscular, except for her large biceps from working with her gauntlets. Her hair is long, reaching down to her mid-lower back. Though it seems ruffled and disheveled in a way, it holds a wavy style no matter what she’s doing as if it has chosen to constantly live that way on its own. She has three lines or indents of a sort on both cheeks. Her eyes are sparkling golden yellow that seem to turn to metal when the light goes out. As a Faunus coming from a long line of foxes, Indigo is very obviously a Faunus with her ears, tail, and slightly extended fangs. However, she is not always taken for a fox because of her indigo hair and fur.

Indigo would wear something different every day if she could, or even multiple outfits in a single day, but resources never permit. Instead she resorts to wearing clothes that can be worn dozens of ways, and everything can be altered. As much as she likes jewelry, it creates too many extra things to worry about. She figures that anything strapped to her body should be helpful for making her look decent in the world or assist in her usual functions. And because she likes pretty things, Indigo decided to make jewelry that is useful, making her little accents of metal a full purpose Swiss army knife.

Personality: Indigo is bubbly and energetic, frequently touching and smelling things, because it would looks weird if she was tasting things… >.>  she can be easily pulled into focus with simple comments toward the severity of the situation. In times of high stress or in the middle of combat, Indigo is tuned in to what she’s doing. Her commanders receive yes ma’ams and no ma’ams without fail, but she tends to slip color into her conversation, even in the thick of darkness – especially. Indigo always wants to keep things light and fluffy, with seriousness held to necessity, forever in an attempt to keep the grimm at bay.

Indigo believes that everything should be even and balanced in the world. She believes there is a right and best way to do things and her attention to detail helps her achieve that. She usually is skilled at whatever she picks up, but she doesn’t stick with anything for too long, constantly desiring to experience more of the world. She spends a third of her time observing and receiving information, a third processing it, and a third acting on what she processes. With so much on her mind, Indigo can get distracted from less important or demanding things. She spends a great deal of time honing her ability to fight, a sort of dharma she acquired losing her mother.

Indigo can have different modes that she switches between depending on the situation. It would almost be better to say that she molds herself to fit. Sometimes that doesn’t always work out, mostly in social situations. Humor is something that Indigo struggles with. She finds humor in strange places like a sandwich that looks like a bulldog, or a bulldog that looks like a bullfrog, or a dog that tries to sing. She often misses subtle humor, overanalyzing the details and missing the forest through the trees. Often times she has the right thing to say, but mostly when she’s just stating fact, and that’s what’s called for.

Background: Indigo was raised in Menagerie for her young childhood because her parents wanted to give her a sense of safety and belonging. She comes from a long line of foxes that passed down an importance of purity in the self and self-expression, while remaining true to one’s self. All of the Huntsmen and Huntresses in her bloodline were also artists, musicians, and craftsmen. Indigo was allowed, and encouraged to speak her mind and do whatever fulfilled her heart. Unfortunately that led her to things she wasn’t supposed to do and plenty of times got her in trouble. Her parents taught her the virtue of balance, pointing out the consequences of her actions so she would realize that everything comes with a price.

As Indigo grew up, she picked things up well, remembering how to do things, and where things belonged. She learned skills very quickly and could recall them. Indigo was homeschooled by her parents in Menagerie until they felt she was ready to experience the complex world beyond home and the painted safety of the island. When she was ten years old, the family moved to Vale, a bustling city with more to do and think about than Indigo was ready for. At first, the new experience of the city came as a new toy, a world she could learn and explore with endless possibilities.

On the first day of school, Indigo was pushed into a system with rules and expectations and it became a game to her. Everything around her became part of it. Her will to succeed and outmatch her opponents awakened her semblance and her ability to sense and process her environment heightened. At first it could be mistaken for a migraine when her senses were overloaded with information. She didn’t know what to focus on, which thoughts, which feelings, what information to process. Her mind was going a million miles a minute and simple clicks and scrapes were symbols and drums. As her eyelids fluttered, she focused on simply turning off the sounds, the smells and everything bombarding her senses.

Suddenly Indigo fell out of her chair, her mind shifting from swimming in her physical world, to swimming in her memories. It started like flashes of scenes and patches of voices, but webs started to form, connecting the ideas. Places she’d been looked like pictures she put together with some kind of map and conversations and expressions became dossiers. Indigo forced her eyes open, and breathed in heavily. The entire class was leaning over her and the teacher was on the phone between panic and frustration blaming her collapse on “the genes.”
Indigo’s parents removed her from school after she begged them because there was too much information for her to handle. With new jobs and demanding bills, her parents had no time to continue homeschooling, so they searched for another option. With a combination of homeschooling, and a private instructor, Indigo was able to mediate the constant influx of information. As she grew older, her semblance grew and continued to disrupt her life, but at one point things began to change.

Vale was attacked and havoc rained down upon the city as it was overtaken by grimm. As the better Huntsmen in combat, her father joined the ranks, while her mother took Indigo to safety. Indigo’s reality became very simple for one shining moment. Everything she knew and thought rammed into boxes in her mind. In her desperation to process what was happening, she rapidly excelled at putting information together, but she wasn’t fast enough. Every second, millisecond she existed, they were moving away from her father. Suddenly, Indigo’s mind created a box and put everything into it labeled “not now” and it quickly filled. Her senses cleared around her, allowing her to focus in on that moment.

Indigo struggled against her mother, insisting they had to go back. With that moment of clarity she was able to realize what her mother was telling her and the world became very clear. It was like she was at a road with a series of signs saying all of these things were the way she was going. There are good people and there are bad people. The grimm are not the monsters. The people that created a massive force of negative energy, bringing the grim in to kill the people – they’re monsters. Someone has to help them and be good people. Then Indigo said, “Go help and be good people. Bring him back. I’ll stay here. I’ll be fine.” Her mother insisted that she needed someone to protect her but Indigo said she would be safe with the others that were evacuating. There were already people to protect her. After batting down over a dozen arguments from Indigo, her mother left her with friends to go back to the island and joined her father in battle.

When the dust had settled, her father returned, but only because her mother had saved him. She had fallen. At that moment, everything became a weapon to Indigo. She wanted to know every way to kill everything. It wasn’t just grimm that caused her mother to die, it was man and it was Faunus. Her boxes had branched, her mind now organizing things by good or evil. Over time, and after much time spent learning to fight, Indigo began to see the world as a dichotomy, such that both good and evil need to exist.

Indigo left home to explore the world and learn to be a Huntress, her father so reluctant that she basically had to filibuster him into submission. He’d taught her nearly everything he knew, except she told him to save some for later. After all, she was soon to learn all kinds of things about life, the world, and combat. She talked to everyone she knew, and gained anything she could from as many people as possible. She became fascinated by their diversity, finding in them the greatest amount of wonder and surprises she could gain from the world.

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PostSubject: Re: Indigo Vulpine   Indigo Vulpine I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 25, 2018 12:08 am

Weapon: Indigo wears gauntlets with three blades that spring out wolverine style on the back of her forearm. On the underside of the gauntlets have hookshots with hooked blades attached. The gauntlets can be used to block or punch. Toward her elbow there’s a sharp curved edge to fend off a blade or wound an enemy in close combat. On her back, she carries a circle shield with two round notches on opposite ends. It is big enough that she could completely disappear behind it, though with limited movement.

Semblance:  Indigo’s semblance makes her into a biological computer, allowing her to observe and process information in an accelerated way. This makes her physical senses heightened, allowing her to hear things more loudly and clearly, see farther and with more detail, etc. She has an eidetic memory and processes information really quickly. This makes her incredibly useful for handling information, but incredibly risky if she were captured. In battle, Indigo is able to see advantages and disadvantages, and measure them along a plan of action. She can recognize means of escape, or deduce the fighting style of the enemy.

Strengths: Indigo is always positive and she uses negativity to drive her. She rarely lets fear into her mind, knowing it draws the grimm in and it’s impossible for her to run out of information to keep her hopeful. Indigo is versed and proficient with many things but excels in few, jumping to another craft, project, or venture before seeing it to mastery.

Weaknesses: Indigo is so filled with information and can observe so much that she can become overwhelmed. It may take her more time than a normal person to summon information or provide a response unless it is necessary for survival. Indigo operates her “battle program” in situations that require it, losing nearly all humanity outside of knowing who the enemy is and why she’s fighting. Without direction and leadership, Indigo is merely floating in the wind, wherever interesting carries her. She has been known to stray from the mission to save someone or something, or in rare cases, because the food somewhere was too hard to pass up.
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Indigo Vulpine
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