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 Ashe Goodrow

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Character Name: Ashe Goodrow
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height:  5’ 5” (165 cm)
Weight:  121 lbs (50 kg)
Eye Color:  Sapphire

Biographical Information
Physical Description
Ashe has shoulder length white hair, which she keeps partially tied up in the front right side. Her eyes are a deep sapphire and her skin is paler than most. She is roughly average height, and trains too much to gain anymore weight than she has. She is always seen wearing a white hooded jacket, lined with black. To those who look really close they can see the dust infused throughout it. The inside of her jacket is normally lined with dust canisters and crystals of multiple kinds. She wears a black combat skirt and thigh highs, also dust infused. Her shoes of choice are black combat boot slightly altered to be more flexible. On her back a quiver is normally hung, although seeming useless to those who know her semblance. Her sword is sheathed on the back of her waist, and her bow normally slung over her shoulder until needed.

Many people would describe Ashe as cold, cool, and calculating. Though the first two is mainly because chose not to talk to them. When someone gets close to her they realize how friendly and caring she actually is. When it comes to her teammates she can be a little too caring, usually prioritizing their safety over her own. In the heat of battle, she has been known to focus too much on watching her allies’ back and not enough on her own surroundings.

After the grimm invaded she became more serious, especially when it comes to hunting. She dislikes using her weapons for anything but grimm, and tries to avoid conflicts that don't include them. When hunting she prefers to take the rear guard, giving her a position to watch the party's back to ensure their safety if sudden attacks happen. If her allies are fighting she will do her best to fight at their side, even if she runs out of dust or aura.

Ashe lived alone with her older brother, he was the only family she ever knew. Her parents had disappeared when she was too young to even remember what they looked like, and her brother avoided every time when she tried to ask about them. For most of her childhood her brother had been training as a huntsman, and as soon as she was able to pick up a weapon he trained her as well. When the grimm invaded her brother had been on a mission and had never came back. She had been training when it happened, as soon as the grimm appeared she rushed home. With little time before the grimm reached it, she had managed to retrieve the sword which she carries now and a couple photos. With the only family she had known gone, and her home lost to the grimm she went to Vale Academy to continue her training. Vale was all she had left, and she made a vow to protect it and bring it back to its former glory. As the years past by she kept training, kept figuring out the best way to kill grimm and throughout all of it kept the photos of her brother with her.

Hunter Arm
Ull:A customized compound bow, created with the help of her brother. It was made to compliment her semblance and build. Being both light but also with enough draw strength to send her arrows as far as her strength would allow. It had been made to hold multiple dust canisters, to allow a ready supply of extra dust for ammunition. Although great for ranged attack, it lacks in melee combat aside from blocking or a few nonlethal blows.

Gram:A heavily engraved short guard less sword, the blade of which is roughly two feet in length. Apart from the engraving and the wrapped hilt it appears to be a simple sword. When used in tandem with her semblance it gains some properties of dust and the engravings and edge of the blade glow in accordance to the dust used.

Völundr:Ashe's semblance showed itself very early on, allowing her to master it with a certain level of skill. Her semblance is a form of dust manipulation, allowing her to create and infuse weapons with dust. She uses this ability to provide arrows for her bow Ull, and to infuse her sword Gram with the dust of her choosing. Although most dust can be used for infusion, she has found that only Lava (bright orange) and Ice (dark blue) can viably be used for weapon creation.
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Ashe Goodrow
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