When god is gone and the devil takes hold, who will have mercy on your soul?
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 Leticia Vess

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No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold. Nothing satisfies me but your soul

Character Name: Leticia "Letty" Vess

Concept: Soul-Stripping Seductress

Virtue: Ambitious

Vice: Selfish

Attribute: Graceful, yet Feeble

Aspiration: Letty yearns to meet what she perceived to be the personification of death that she met once before.  It's become her obsession and a great many have suffered for it as will likely many more.  

Description: This femme fatale was borne a natural brunette who has been known on occasion to add blonde highlights to update her appearance to show some form of change since she doesn't seem to age.  She wasn't one to like pixie cuts and has kept it at least shoulder length or longer for the vast majority of her life and has recently taken to styling it into soft waves.

Her eyes are often seen as a pale green and seem to transition to different shades as her mood shifts.  Their most striking appearance resembling what some have described as liquid emerald.  Moving down her face, she has full lips and a very strong jaw line.  Some have joked that it so sharp, she could slit your throat with it.  Standing in at a whopping five feet five inches, Letty's height isn't anything impressive and is often scene needing help reaching items on high shelves.  All of this compounds onto her slim/slender body, with a bust that -though not big - has always been what she described as the perfect size.  Just enough to fill the palms of someone's hands.  Though she hasn't had to work very hard to maintain her shape, she has never broken a hundred and twenty five pounds.  

Her skin however fits into a league of its own, most people don't even know that it's possible to get to her level of pale.  Her skin is so devoid of sunlight it is often described as porcelain.  She looks like she would burst into flames if she was put out under the full harshness of the suns rays.  


Letty has a snobbish attitude towards the mundane humans that populate the earth that most mages refer to as sleepers.  Though she will maintain her facade amongst those in public, they are nothing more to her than tools for her pleasure or pawns to help her reach her end goal.  Her view of the world has left her morally bankrupt, living her life for her goals and her goals alone.  When showing her true colors, she will often act haughty towards those she finds to be mundane or below her.      

Unless she is actively trying to obtain something, she can be a rather cool and introverted person.  She believes herself to be intelligent and has a deep fascination with death, something that started even before her awakening.  She takes great pride in her collection of tomes she has collected over her lifetimes that are dedicated to that sole subject.  She is confident in her looks and isn't afraid to use them or her body to obtain something she wants.  She wields them like a weapon and very few usually resist them.  

To say she was promiscuous could be considered an understatement.  She has no shame about sex or about her body and loves to explore both.  She has sex so much with so many different people that she — in addition to being unconcerned about their feelings — does not actually remember their names, faces, or sometimes that she even had sex with them at all.  Most are unlikely to live to tell the tale about it later anyways.  Her sexuality over the years has been very fluid, going from blurring the lines to having none at all.  

Her age, narcissism, obsession and introverted tendencies have made her very cautious when it comes to the subject of love.  It is a concept she has grown used to not applying to herself.  She can be very flirtatious even when she doesn't have a particular goal in mind.  She is a very free-spirited individual who enjoys some of the simpler things in life, like partying, flirting, clothes and cooking.  She finds herself skilled at all but one of those things, and that thing she can be very insecure about since she isn't sued to not being good at something. (I wouldn't eat her cooking if I were you)


"I am Death, and when I love you,
it's forever."

The true bit's of Letty's story starts when she awakened, everything before then was just frivolous and mundane.  She traversed miles of catacombs, going deeper and deeper.  No matter what she did, the only path out was to go further down.  The further down she went, the more horrors that awaited her.  She wouldn't come to realize until later, she had crossed the abyss and came out upon the truth.  This was the first of two times in her long life she feared death, if only for a time.    

The next time, she would meet what she perceived at the time to be the personification of death.  If she hadn't seen it, she wouldn't have believed it.  It moved in complete silence, it bore great black wings and  was clothed in robes made of mist.  Its mere presence seemed to drain the life out of everything around it, cloaking everything with life in shadow.  Hundreds dead in the blink of an eye, nut her.  She remembered feeling its breath upon her as it passed her, she had been too frozen from fear to even attempt to defend herself or run away.  But yet, she lived.  

Since then most of her waking moments has been spent trying to meet this being again.  A great many lay dead in her wake as she does everything she can think of to draw it back to her.


Letty is a fully trained and licensed Doctor of Medicine with a specialty in infectious disease.  This has served as her main profession and cover in the human world.

On the side, she is a practitioner of death magic, giving her access to a wide gamut of abilities.  Most could describe her and what she can do with one word, Necromancy.  Her abilities are so much more though, easily being capable of draining your soul and very existence from with with a simple caress.  She considers herself a near master at the art. Those who witness her magic usually know true terror.  Evoking her magic turns her eyes into an endless black void with which no light can escape.  Sounds become dampened and colors muted. Depth perception becomes difficult as edges of objects blur together and points of reference are hard to resolve. Horizons seem distant, and words seem to echo. A pervasive feeling of hopelessness arises, as though whatever might be accomplished at present ultimately won't matter. With powerful magic, onlookers might start to cry or a cold rain might start falling.  

Her very presence overtime will affect her surroundings and the people within it.  Those effected start to feel enfeebled and drained, as though the very vitality was being drained from them.         

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My name is Death and the end is here.
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Leticia Vess
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