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 The Setting

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Final Fantasy Online

With the success of VRMMO's in the world and the rapid advancement of technology, attempting to make a stand out game in such a vast market was becoming increasingly hard. Development times and costs easily made or broke a company if they didn't meet their bottom line. Square-Enix having been a long standing AAA game company wanting to remain relevant was one of many companies who spent years developing their own VRMMO under the title Final Fantasy Online. Something easy to abbreviate and simple to remember. But there was a niche catch with their game, they charged a certain amount above what they needed per copy for their projections and put that extra cash flow into a pool. The first group to beat the game are given the pool of money to split among each other evenly. The amount being substantial in size drew in a big crowd, even those who didn't usually play games.

The catch and challenge to the game is if your avatar died, that was it for your character. You were logged out with the possibility to rejoin a different "competitive" server with a small fee that was added to the winning pool or to join a free one to just enjoy the game since it was unlikely you could catch up. With advancements in Fulldive technology, the users sense of time is skewed. You could spend months or years in the game with only minutes to hours passing in real life.


The game itself centers around Ivalice during a era in which technology is starting to rapidly expand. The world is split into 3 nations, ** to the west favor the old ways and rely on magic to accomplish most day to day tasks. ** to the east are the innovators of technology. Thanks to them, technology like guns and airships are rapidly expanding through the rest of Ivalice. Rumors of something referred to as Magitek are on the rise. And to the north are the **, they are a pious people plagued by some of the worst creatures to plague Ivalice. Despite the rising power and fear of the primal gods such as Bahamut throughout the land, they still believe in the power and stories of the Zodiac Braves.

At the center of the world is a massive crystal tower reaching far into the heavens. Said to have been created when the world united and bound the mighty Bahamut and his ilk in crystal. Each nation itself protects and covets a massive crystal of their own that with the multiple smaller crystals that flood each nation, act as anchors to ensure that the full might of the primal gods are never seen again in the land of Ivalice.
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The Setting
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