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 Classes and Jobs

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PostSubject: Classes and Jobs   Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:01 pm


-Squire: Everyone needs to start somewhere and learn the basics, and that's what this class is.  It can equip most melee and ranged weapons from knives, to swords, axes, spears, shields, bows and crossbows.  Leveling your skill with each of these weapons will unlock potential for future 'Jobs' that allow for greater combat ability and utility.

-Mage: Those who wish to learn magic must start somewhere.  Depending on what kind of magic you wanna use is based on what weapon you have equipped.  White magic uses 'clubs' and 'staves', Black magic uses Rods and all other magic uses tomes.  Leveling up your skills with these tools will unlock future potential for specialized jobs.

-Artisan: Are those who don't dedicate themselves to the art of warfare or magic.  They are the crafters and harvesters of the world that will be the driving force behind the worlds economy.
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Classes and Jobs
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