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 Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Character Sheet I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 07, 2018 7:57 pm

The sheet itself is as follows:

[img]picture url[/img]






Here's a detailed breakdown of each of the fields:

Name: This is how your character introduces themselves, broadly speaking. Whether it's the name that appears on their birth certificate, the nickname that has stuck with them since middle school, or the epithet they took on after a religious awakening it is how they would present themselves to the rest of society at large.

Concept: This is your character's concept in five (meaningful) words or less. It can be thought of as how others would define your character - assuming they had meta-knowledge of the character's life. As well, others should be able to read just your concept and gain a general sense of understanding of the type of character you're creating. "Charming, young vampire socialite", "Impressionable but devout student", "Cynical military veteran turned barista", "Rookie mage-hunter", and such would make for decent concepts.

Virtue: This is your character in their highest form of self-actualization... but this world has beaten you away from your call long ago. Often, your virtue is easy - beneficial, even - to ignore. Example virtues include things like Honesty, Loyalty, Love, Righteousness and the like. Truly upholding these ideals in the face of adversity will often provide your character a true sense of meaning - but often at significant expense.

Vice: In a world that has proven largely cold, uncaring, and potentially even hostile there are ways your character has come to cope with problems - a personal escape hatch from the shit storm they're at the epicenter of. One's vice is particularly easy - albeit typically inappropriate - to indulge in. Example vices include things like Deceitful, Cruel, Greedy, or Hasty. Partaking in your vices will provide your character the fuel they need to make it through the bleakness of life.

Attribute: Much more simply, choose one of (Strong / Acute/ Graceful) and one of (Feeble / Dull / Clumsy) - or just take Average. The first trait in each represents your physical acumen: Strong characters are often in great physical shape while Feeble characters are often weak and easily exhausted. Acute characters are often intelligent and resolute while Dull characters are often witless and easily fooled. Graceful characters are typically charismatic and composed while Uninspiring characters are nondescript and easily flustered. Putting them together, you'd get something like "Strong, yet Dull" or "Graceful, yet Feeble".

Aspiration: This is an undertaking that strongly motivates your character, often long-term and likely difficult. This is very much a defining feature and will rarely change unless it is resolved, made impossible, or dominated by significant events. Often, your aspiration will be broken down into a goal that directs you during stories you partake in.

Description: A physical description of your character; it should not include clothing unless used in a way that is both referential and pretty common (a scar that is typically hidden beneath a shirt, tattoos often obscured by socks, etc).

Personality: How your character acts, generally. It should demonstrate the spectrum of your character's personality, from encounters with people they don't know to their seeming around friends and family.

Background: These are important and salient parts of your character's backstory; things that your character would likely reveal to those that had earned their trust or that other characters would be likely to learn by running into others close to them in some fashion. It should not include intimate secrets that would be kept in confidence but could easily contain embarrassing or otherwise unwanted information that others may commonly retell. Importantly, it should explain the following: your character's brushes with or immersion into the supernatural, what has created your Aspiration, your view of the world and the events that shaped it, and the most extreme (good or bad) things that you've done in the past that you'd be willing to admit. A background should not be a life story; leaving more of your character's background unexplained creates emptiness that can be used to fuel suspicion or surprise as your character develops in the story.

Affects: These are your character's unique quirks. They include the range of talents and trinkets you've picked up over the course of your life, whether normal or supernatural. It should include things like your profession, important possessions, natural talents, and any otherwise special abilities or gear you may possess. Importantly, be realistic within reason.
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Character Sheet
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