When god is gone and the devil takes hold, who will have mercy on your soul?
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 The Shepherd

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The Shepherd 9FOvvhG

Name: Lincoln "Link" Shepherd
Concept: More Human Than Human
Virtue: Righteous
Vice: Obsessive
Attribute: Strong, but Dull
Aspiration: To fulfill whatever purpose he has been given by the higher power so he can move on.

Description: Link has an awe of menace about him.  He stands fairly tall, just breaching a little over six feet.  He has a slim muscular body with tightly corded muscles that seem to have known years of abuse.  His dirty blonde hair is kept short and cropped, short enough that no one can really grab it.  But long enough that he still feels like he has hair on his head.  He isn't one to keep up a meticulous grooming habit, so he is constantly seen with some form of stubble.  He has a stunning set of blue eyes, like the ocean after dark.  He may appear to be in his early thirties, but his eyes tell a different story.  A man years beyond his years.
His skin keeps up a fair tan despite not hunting during daylight hours often.      

Personality:  Link is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer fuckin willpower.  Though not everyone may not know it, they've at least herd one story of "The Shepherd".  Though possibly not the most skilled hunter, he doesn't ever give up, and when he sets his mind to something, nothing can sway him from his path.  He is an honorable individual who is guided by his morals who doesn't see the world in black and right.  Just because you may have been born or changed into an abomination, doesn't make you a monster.

He is stubborn and can hold a grudge for a very long time.  When something gets into his mind, he will dwell on it to the point of it becoming unhealthy.  He doesn't like to talk of his past or his connection with a concept that he barely can comprehend.  Though he is known to be a loner, it hasn't stopped him from joining cell's when the time calls for it.  He has a very compassionate heart for those who deserve it and a great deal of camaraderie with those he teams up with.

Despite all he is capable of and what seems like many lifetimes, he is still human and is prone to human mistakes and weaknesses.  Though he feels emotions like love and lust, his career path often interferes with such things and makes it hard for anyone to get close to him and even harder to stay there.  


Lincoln has lived a long and arduous life.  Born hundreds of years ago, his mind can't remember everything.  He had a family once and they were taken away from him by the supernatural.  Their deaths set him on a path that would consume his life for more lifetimes than any human should have to endure.  Though in the beginning he may have thought he was chosen by god, he isn't so sure about that nowadays.  A lot has changed, and he has faced many trials.  

Stories of his exploits have circulated over the years, though very few know that they are about him.   Only those monsters that fear or thank him for his mercy have a mind to remember his face.  Though some of the bigger consortium's may know of him, they leave him be.  If something big ever stews, he usually finds his way to the trouble.          


Bound to the God-Machine - Though Link won't pretend to understand how or why, the god-machine has chosen him to be a gear in the vast infrastructure that he would never hope to understand.  Punishment and reward come to him infrequently as it directs his behavior.  Whether it turns out to be a curse or a blessing, his is as close to immortal as a human can get.  He doesn't age and can regenerate from pretty much any wound inflicted.  The larger the wound though, the longer it would take to heal.

Tanlladwyr "Brightkiller" - A relic of a time past capable of killing most beings.  The blade itself can become engulfed with flame on command.

Modern Weapons - Various military grade weapons, powerful but nothing special compared to something like the armory of Valkyrie.
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The Shepherd
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