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 Tyrion Napell (WIP)

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PostSubject: Tyrion Napell (WIP)   Tyrion Napell (WIP) I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 02, 2018 12:07 am

Tyrion Napell (WIP) Tyrion10

Name: Tyrion Napell aka Tyrion Acon
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 170 cm (get wiht the times murica)
Weight: 125 pounds
Eye Color: Purple/pink

Physical Description:
Dark leather jacket, dark jeans and boots
Long dark hair put in a tight bun, pink eyes, could easily be mistaken for a girl, or for those who know her, his twin sister.

BIO: Tyrion has a need to make everything into a competition, proving his worth to the people around him.
Having a family whos efforts in the war against the grimm ultimately contributed to humanitys demise, shaming the name forever, he usually uses a fake last name.
His mother, being a spymaster, betrayed the family and country trying to use the oncoming war as a means to gain power. It backfired and all that is now left behind is  her sword; Eve, whom Tyrion now posses.
The many times hes decided to help the wrong person (unbeknownst to him) hes had to lie and cheat his way out of trouble and hes become pretty adept at it.
He does not restrict himself in any way to achieve his goals if it wins him favor with his peers.

Both of his parents passed away in the war and hes been desperately trying to get his sister Theresa to join him in his hunting but as of right now, she wants nothing to do with the family name nor Tyrion.

Weapons: Aurora and Eve

Aurora is part of a twohanded sword, looking like a longsword on its own, which Tyrion typically infuses with yellow dust to blind his opponent with a flash as its drawn, by the speed he wields the sword each swing whistles in the wind. It is a sword his father left behind him.

Eve is the second part of the twohanded like sword which Tyrion typically hides before its first strike, its thinner and sharper blade not only makes it hard to see even without the use of Tyrions semblance, it strikes fast and painless and its victims might only notice their several cuts once the battle is over, or its too late. Because of its connections to his mother, he seldom uses it, despite its usefulness.

Aurora and Eve can be combined into one larger twohanded sword, the infused dust in Aurora can be thrown from the tip of Eve for a long distance attack, what Tyrion sacrifices in speed he makes up for in strength and reach, airslicing with the yellow dust makes the sword screech like an eagle (yes very cliché and nerdy im bad at this)

His semblance allows him to redirect attention to or away from him, allowing him to either cover or be covered by his teammates or surroundings, the effect is subtle and he uses it from anything to hiding a weapon to grabbing the attention of a crowd.
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Tyrion Napell (WIP)
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