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 Remnant: A History

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PostSubject: Remnant: A History   Remnant: A History I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 02, 2018 7:54 pm

(FD) Born From Dust

Not much is known about the beginning of remnant and the dawn of man.  It's early history has been long forgotten, and its heroes and truths reduced to nothing more than myths and legends.  Such as the tale of the four maidens, the fearsome Silver-Eyed Warriors, the Prince that was Promised, and the Birth of Man. Legend states that mankind was born from dust into a hostile world, forced to battle for survival against soulless creatures of darkness known as the Grimm. However, man discovered a power that would help them combat the forces of darkness - man named their new weapon Dust, after that from which they were formed. Armed with Dust, described as "Nature's Wrath", mankind was able to turn the tide against the Grimm.

With the Darkness pushed backed, man flourished and was able to build civilization, spreading all over the world of remnant.  The mining of dust would form some of the largest industries and technological advances for man.  However, with the Grimm at bay, humanity began to turn against itself, spiraling into a series of self-destructive conflicts. The largest of these was the Great War, fought over issues of individualism and self-expression.  

From Dust

(GW) The Great War

The Great War was the largest conflict in recorded history and was fought for countless reasons.  The outbreak of war is attributed to the suppression of self-expression and the destruction of art. All four kingdoms were involved in the bloodshed. It is unknown which of the kingdoms sought to either suppress or preserve individuality.  That fact seems to have been long forgotten and argued, left for scholars to debate and theorize.  Mankind do more in this war to kill themselves than the Grimm had ever accomplished.  

Ultimately, those in favor of the preservation of individualism prevailed, and the four warring Kingdoms met on the small island of Vytal to discuss an end to the war. Today, Remnant enjoys peace and "unity through diversity". This diversity is celebrated in cultural events such as the Vytal Festival, named after the place where the peace was brokered.

Those who opposed the destruction of individualism made it a part of their legacy by naming their children after the fundamental aspect of art, color, to demonstrate that they and future generations would always oppose oppression, a trend that continues into the present era.  A long standing proof of the power of history and the great culture of remnant.

The aftermath of the Great War led to the creation of the Huntsman Academies in each of the four Kingdoms; Beacon Academy in Vale, Shade Academy in Vacuo, Haven Academy in Mistral and Atlas Academy in Mantle. The intended purpose of the academies was to train Huntsmen and Huntresses, warriors whose sole purpose would be to fight the Grimm, and whose allegiance would not be tied to the Kingdoms. However, some time after the end of the Great War, Mantle fell and was succeeded by the Kingdom of Atlas, and the government, military and academy were combined.

Within the aftermath of the war and the forming of the academies.  Atlas created the Cross Continental Transmit System, ushering in universal communication and information for the four kingdoms.  

Great War

(FU) The Faunus Rights Revolution - 75 Years later

There world wasn't without war for too long, fifty years after the end of the Great War, the Faunas Rights Revolution was staged by the Faunus in an attempt to gain equal civil rights.  Though a small conflict compared to the bloodshed of the Great War, it was still considered a fairly large conflict, lasting more than three years.  The cause of the war was human attempts at confining the Faunus to the large island of Menagerie.  What is known about the island now of days is it is not a part of the CTT and lacks allot of the technology we have come to known around most of the world.  

During the third year of the conflict, the battle at Fort Castle turned the tides in favor of the Faunus, bringing an end to the conflict before reaching the fourth year.  The leader of the Human forces, General Lagune, sent his army to take the Faunus position at night, attempting to take them by surprise as they slept. However, he failed to take into account the near-perfect night vision of his adversary. Lagune's army was soundly defeated, and he himself was captured.  Their efforts led to their freedom from the island of Menagerie and their integration into human society.  Despite whatever material gains the Faunus achieved during the war, they remain a subject of discrimination.

Months  after the war, the White Fang organization was set up and intended to serve as a prospective "symbol of peace and unity between Humans and the Faunus". However, this idea was evidently abandoned in the face of continuing discrimination.  The White Fang took a new direction of militancy, history saw this as a failure of both the Human and Faunus leadership to resolve the racist creeds, and general interracial tensions that originally sparked the war.  The white fang would grow to be known as one of the more fearsome terrorist organizations of their time, aiding in the destruction and death of many.

Faunus Uprising

(RWBY) Sparks of War and Territory - 5 years Later

With the Grimm having been subdued well enough for peace for so long, many nations attempted to expand their territory.  Many new settlements and cities were formed on the outskirts of each kingdom.  Though initially the expansion projects seemed successfully, the Grimm did not take kindly to loss of their own territory.  The Grimm returned the favor in kind, re-appearing in more mass than had been seen in many years.  Every attempt at expansion by all nations was thwarted, hundred upon thousands of humanity was lost.  Humanity was reminded of the threat that the Grimm posed, future attempts at expansion were abandoned, and humanity became complacent with their current territory proving to be enough.

With the Grimm threat seemingly endless and ever growing, the survival of humanity heavily contingent upon the continued cooperation of the four kingdoms.  The peace and cooperation between the kingdoms though, grew smaller and shorter every day.   Though not visible and apparent to most citizens living in the kingdoms.  Tensions started to rise between the kingdoms.  Atlas sparked many concerns when their Academy was no longer separate and joined the ranks of government and military, forming into one entity.  Organizations such as the White Fang and (Cinders Faction) used this opportunity to attempt to spark another war.  

Infiltrating Beacon Academy and the Kingdom of Vale, The white fang and (Cinders Faction) worked together to start the wars of fire.  During a Vytal Festival, they worked together to form events to cause widespread uproar and anger amongst the worldwide audience. Their negative emotions capture the attention of the Grimm lurking outside the city walls.  The final shot that started it all was fired during the finals of the festivals tournament when one of Vales star pupils eviscerated one of Atlas students.  The events painted Vales students as merciless killers, and Atlas untrustworthy when their student was revealed to be a synthetic disguised as a girl.

The enormous outpouring of negative emotion stirred up hordes of Grimm to swarm into Vale by both land and air. They are able to enter the city undetected.  As Grimm begin massing in the city, people begin to panic and flee.  The last thing the world sees before Vales CCT tower is destroyed in the Grimm attacking Vale, and the Atlas military shooting down innocent civilians.  This succeeded in spreading more fear worldwide.  Before the night was over, both the White Fang and (Cinders Faction) pulled out, leaving Beacon academy in ashes, reclaimed by the Grimm.  

The events after this are hazy and distorted.  But peace would ultimately prevail, and Beacon would be rebuilt to its former glory as the leading Academy of all kingdoms.  What is known was humanity was set back, and had to rebuild to their former glory.
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PostSubject: Re: Remnant: A History   Remnant: A History I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 02, 2018 8:00 pm

(BD) The Black Dread - 100 years Later

The Grimm threat never goes away, it waits, it grows, and when the opportunity presents itself, it comes back.  It started as a large scale invasion of Vacuo, without warning an army of Grimm assaulted their kingdom.  Their numbers and coordination were unheard of, no kingdom would ever prepared for this level of assault, especially during a time of peace.  When their losses started to become too much, they sent out a call for help from their neighboring kingdoms.  Vale and Atlas answered in kind.  

Not wanting to over commit too many of their forces, both great kingdoms offered limited support to save Vacuo.  Atlas, never missing a chance to show their military might, seized the moment to showboat their armies capabilities.  It didn't take long for the Grimm forces to be pushed back and nearly annihilated by Atlas's might.  But the Grimm are resilient, the Grimm are forever.  A second wave appeared, wiping out the Atlas forces just as fast as they appeared.      

Reinforcements became delayed as Atlesian logistics routes were intercepted by Grimm, showing military precision that had never been seen before by the supposed "mindless" Grimm.   And then 'it' appeared, the largest and most dreaded of any Grimm ever seen till this day, named so for the feeling it induced in its foes and the darkness it cast over its prey.  The Black Dread marched downwards from the northern reaches striking at the heart of Atlas.  In one fowl swoop, the Grimm crippled the atlas forces, demolishing their great academy (The largest sum of their human military) and their forward forces, forcing them into a retreat.  Those wishing to live sought refuge in their neighboring Kingdoms of Mistral and Vale.

Despite their losses, the loss of life in Atlas was minimal with their major part of their forces being mechanical (Though if their androids were to be factored in, their numbers would amount to almost half of those lost in the entirety of the Great War.)  Mistral seeing the potential threat, entered the war themselves sending their forces to aid Vale in liberating Vacuo from the invading Grimm forces.  With their combined forces, the kingdom was successfully liberated and the Grimm forces are whipped into retreating.

Before the Champaign can be brought out and parties thrown in name of their victory, The Black Dread is sighted a second time, this time in Mistral, marching with another massive army of Grimm.  After seeing what happened to Atlas, Mistral was better prepared for the oncoming onslaught of the Black Dread, staying true to their names of Sanctum and Haven.  Not wanting to see Mistral fall, reinforcements are deployed from Vale and emergency teams are dispatched from the liberated Vacuo to supplement their defense.  With their combined forces, they manage to rebuke the Black Dread for his first defeat since his appearence.

After having fought him twice and losing countless lives to an apparent unstoppable force, enough intelligence was gathered to devise a weapon capable of not only damaging the Black Dread, but to put an end to him. Troops were distributed between the three nations again, for the first time ever becoming one army.  The forces were evenly divided, becoming a homogenous mix of all the nations rather than each going to their respective nations.

In an unexpected move, the Black Dread made his third appearance faster than anticipated, this time attacking Vale. Unlike the attack at Mistral, which in hindsight seemed probing, the attack on Vale was a full-fledged siege and the Black Death seemed prepared for an ongoing effort.  Its forces easily outnumbering the entirety of the kingdoms forces, all converging on one kingdom.  It was perhaps the largest force of Grimm the world of Remnant had ever seen.  Reinforcements were sent from Vacuo and Mistral, but they were complicated by the extensive network of Grimm that were positioned to ambush and otherwise harass potential logistics routes.

The project to destroy the Black Dread had only been partial completed and wasn't yet capable of working as intended yet.  The Grimm were winning and Vale as it was known was being desolated.   Banding together, the hunters formed the largest defense of Hunters ever seen to date.  Though more lives were lost on this day than ever recorded in history, the hunters succeeded at pushing the Black Dread north.  Unable to stay entrenched, the Black Death gradually fell back, becoming ensnared by the Hunters, preventing his retreat.

With a great coordinated effort, the creature was pinned to Vytal Island.  The greatest Hunters of this time period were dispatched to hold him in place, ensuring he didn't escape.  Their only weapon being their incomplete answer to Black Dread, and Amity Coliseum. Engaged with a highly unstable dust matrix that utilized the numerous Biomes that only existed on Amity, they dropped it like a bomb onto the black dread.  The explosions could be seen from kingdoms away as it released matrixes ever-so-carefully harnessed energy .

To this day, there are no known traces of The Black Dread (though that's naturally, grimm dissolve), the hunters that pinned him, or the once-island of Vytal left (except for oceanographic surveys, probably).  Unknown to many, the weapon would've been complete if not for a rogue group element having infiltrated and sabotaged the weapon, setting its completion back considerably.

Black Dread

(AD) Picking Up The Pieces - Six years later

Out of all the kingdoms, Vale suffered the most during the short war against the Black Dread and his Grimm.  its once great kingdom was reduced to ruins and ashes.  The scars of battle left everywhere to be seen in its lands and people.  It was time to rebuild and regain the territory they once held dear.  Most of their cities were still over run with Grimm.  Defenses are being rebuilt and a new generation of military forces being trained to retake what was rightfully Vales.    

Atlas at the same time is rebuilding their Hunter Military Academy, until then they have bolstered their forces with even more robotic forces.

Vacuo and Mistral however made a full recovery, Vacuo worse off of the two.  

We are the forces of Vale, and we will survive.

After Dread
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Remnant: A History
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